10 Best Content Writing Tools to Improve Your Writing in 2023

10 Best Content Writing Tools to Improve Your Writing in 2023

Grammarly and Jasper AI are among many useful writing tools, while Wordtune stands out as an especially efficient one that helps writers clean up content while honing their message through its rewriting function and provides spelling and grammar checks.

SE Ranking is an essential tool that assists businesses, experts and specialists to optimize their content. It analyzes competitor websites to identify keywords with high traffic potential as well as pinpointing those with an extremely high ranking potential.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checking tool with contextual suggestions that you can use both in your browser or by installing their app onto your computer, phone, or tablet. While the free version of Grammarly offers only limited capabilities, Premium subscription offers more powerful solutions.

Grammarly has proven itself adept at picking up errors most people would miss and is an efficient way to detect grammatical mistakes. Unfortunately, however, AI-powered tools don’t replace professional editors as certain context-dependent errors might not be picked up by AI tools.

Ginger is another grammar and spelling checker available both mobile and desktop platforms, boasting features like style analysis and keyword density checks as well as browser extensions to work seamlessly with many major writing applications.

2. WordTune

WordTune is a rewriting and editing tool designed to enhance grammar, tone, and length of content. It uses an AI rewriting algorithm to analyze your text before suggesting changes for words and phrases that need changing; additionally it helps avoid repetitive phrases as well as other common errors.

This tool features a multilingual translator to help you communicate in any of your preferred languages, as well as creating either a casual or formal tone and shortening or expanding text to meet a word count requirement.

WordTune can identify sentences with overly wordy sentences and offer suggestions to replace them with shorter, more precise words. It can also detect overuse of certain adjectives and adverbs – perfect for personal and business use alike, starting free usage immediately – as well as overusing specific adjectives or adverbs. Personal use is free while premium plans for teams are also available from this company.

3. Persado

Persado is used by thousands of brands to optimize and automate their email, web and social content, including emails that outperform initial versions 96% of the time – motivating customers to engage and driving 40% average conversion rates.

Persado’s new personalization capabilities enable marketers to deliver tailored messages to each customer segment or individual, directly. Through Personal Narratives, marketers can identify unique stories that resonate with individual audiences – enabling them to tell brand narratives at exactly the right time and place.

Persado Predict is an email subject line prediction tool available directly within the Message Editor. Assaf and his Persado team will be at Shoptalk to showcase how brands can unlock new capabilities around data and personalization – and learn from some of the world’s largest retailers and ecommerce brands using Persado to drive revenue growth.

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4. Frase

Frase is an invaluable content creation tool, offering several helpful features like one-click content brief generation containing SEO keywords and post overview.

Frase’s other useful feature is the ability to research questions people ask about a topic. This feature is especially valuable if you want to rank for featured snippets – Frase will search forums like Quora and Reddit for questions related to your subject and provide suggestions on how you could answer these queries in your article.

Frase offers an internal link suggestion feature that shows which links were used in top SERP results, accessible by clicking “Links” tab in the sidebar. When you find one you like just click it to copy it directly to your clipboard for quick paste!

5. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is a grammar checker and writing style tool similar to Grammarly that includes many of its same features, with additional capabilities such as plagiarism checking. Furthermore, teams may utilize WhiteSmoke.

AI-powered software from Evolver.ai can identify common errors and rewrite content to make sure it’s error-free and unique, suggesting LSI keywords to optimize for search engines.

The software also features a readability tool which will identify any words and phrases that might be difficult for readers to comprehend, as well as flagging passive voice and excessive adverbs in your content.

Business people needing to write proposals, presentations, emails and emails; students searching for an affordable proofreading tool; non-native English speakers searching for plagiarism checker; desktop app users wanting an inexpensive proofreading solution and non-native English speakers needing a plagiarism detector are all ideal candidates for using this software. Available as desktop application, web app and browser extension versions.

6. Sudowrite

Sudowrite, another artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool, utilizes natural language processing and machine learning technologies to gain an understanding of your story and generate suggestions to move it along.

If you’re writing a romance novel with intricate descriptions and relationships, for example, this software will recognize this and suggest sensory details to enhance each scene.

The user-friendly UI makes this program simple to use, while its focus mode enables you to eliminate distractions while working on writing.

Content Creators looking to generate blog post outlines, email copy, Facebook ads or stories can benefit greatly from using this tool. Furthermore, its pricing is very affordable with an optional free trial period provided.

7. Article Forge

Article Forge is an artificial intelligence-powered content writer that generates high-quality, SEO-friendly articles in less than 60 seconds using deep understanding algorithms that read millions of articles to research any topic and generate unique pieces – all without violating copyscape and plagiarism detection services.

Simply input your keyword, set some basic parameters like length and the AI writing software will generate content quickly and effortlessly.

Article Forge allows you to choose the tone and emotion of your article to fit with the voice of your brand. With its latest update designed specifically to handle long-form pieces quickly and produce multiple versions in minutes – it is certainly worthy of consideration when providing quality content for websites.

8. Ink

Ink is an easy and straightforward writing tool designed for natural language processing that provides support with writing various types of content, from emails and blog outlines to short form content creation. Offering free trials, this writing solution works well with short form content creation for increased productivity. Ink offers its services as both email copy writing and blog outline generation services to boost efficiency.

Frase is another AI-powered writing software designed to produce SEO-friendly articles. This platform analyzes webpages and articles to generate an outline which can later be used to write the actual article itself.

Narrative Device AI elevates story creation to new levels, helping aspiring writers produce engaging narratives effortlessly. Perfect for both fiction writers and business professionals, as it also makes creating content easier for marketing campaigns or ads.

9. Jarvis

Jarvis is an AI writer that can assist in writing long-form blog posts and marketing-related copy for blogs or marketing strategies, using an outline provided. You can also use Jarvis for shorter pieces such as social media posts or short copy. Two plans of Jarvis AI writer are available – Boss Mode and Starter Mode.

Jarvis is an all-purpose content writing solution. It can create website copies, eCommerce content, blog post ideas, social media post captions, Google Ads copy and salesperson outreach copy – among many other types.

Jarvis is an invaluable tool for content marketers and SEO specialists looking to streamline their writing processes, saving both time and money while freeing you to focus on other aspects of their business.

10. Rytr

Rytr is one of the most flexible AI writing tools, enabling users to generate nearly any form of content they require – from ads and emails to social media posts and blog post sections. The tool’s advanced AI algorithm enables it to produce short-form writing pieces like social media posts and blog post sections quickly and accurately.

This tool features an impressive variety of tones and use cases on its left panel, making it simple for anyone to quickly identify an ideal tone for their content creation needs. Furthermore, PAS and AIDA strategies can also be employed as sources for producing engaging written pieces that engage readers.

This tool offers essential formatting options, including the ability to highlight text, set alignment and align with text alignment options, add bullet points or numbers and include hyperlinks. Furthermore, Copyscape’s plagiarism checker is built into its interface, making checking plagiarism easier than ever without leaving the app itself.