Redgear Blaze 7 Colour Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard Review

Redgear Blaze 7 Colour Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard Review

Redgear Blaze 7 is the upgraded version of the previous model which was one of the best keyboards under 1000. It has a good build, LED lights, and typing or gaming experience.

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Product Description

If you are looking for a good keyboard under 1000, then this one is the perfect choice. It has great build quality and is very easy to use. The keys are soft to press and provide a great typing experience. It also has a nice backlight that looks really eye-pleasing.

It also has a great colour scheme, and you can easily switch between different colours by pressing the Fn+Page UP or Page Down keys. However, there are some flaws with this keyboard, such as the lack of Num Lock and Caps Lock LED lights, and the fact that it is slightly dimmer than some other models.

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Keyboard Design

The keyboard has a sturdy design and doesn’t feel cheap. The keys are raised and have a gaming look to them, but without the funky cutouts.

It has LED lights that change in colour to show the Num Lock, Caps Lock and Win Lock status. They are bright, but not too bright to hurt your eyes in pitch darkness.

The typing and gaming experience on this keyboard is great. The keys don’t need much pressure to work, and they give a satisfying feedback when pressed. The key switches are also good, although they can’t be compared to mechanical ones. It takes a little time to get used to it if you’re coming from a laptop keyboard. However, it’s worth the switch. It’s a very nice keyboard to own under 1000.

Key Switches

Redgear Blaze 7 is the successor of the popular Redgear Blaze 3 keyboard. The newer version offers the same semi-mechanical design and features at a lower price point.

The keys on this keyboard feel responsive and give you a satisfying typing experience. They don’t require much force to press and have a nice clicky sound that feels like a mechanical keyboard.

The RGB lights on this keyboard look aesthetically pleasing. They are bright enough to light up the keyboard in the dark but not too bright to hurt your eyes.

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The keyboard comes with a customizable LED backlight, which is a great way to customize your gaming setup. The colors are pretty vibrant and look eye-pleasing.

The key switches are also designed to deliver a great typing and gaming experience. They are made of premium material and have a durable design. They are also anti-ghosting, which means that all the keys you press will register simultaneously.

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The Redgear Blaze 7 is a great keyboard for the price and has an excellent build quality. Its backlighting is a nice touch and the keys are easy to read. It also has anti-ghosting technology which makes it a good choice for gamers.

If you are looking for a keyboard with more RGB modes and effects, then I would recommend the Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02 Corona Wired Gaming Keyboard. It has 19-key anti-ghosting and a durable design.

Another option is the EvoFox Fireblade. This keyboard has a tenkeyless space-saving design and ignores the Numpad. It also has a Windows key lock, backlighting and a tangle-free braided cable. It is a good option for gamers who want to save space on their desk. The keys are durable and the LED backlighting is customizable.